wine tasting

Wine Tasting at Sovereign Estate

Wine Tasting with a Knowledgeable Staff
Wine Tasting at the Bar

Sovereign Estate’s Tasting Room is a friendly standing bar where you can sample our award winning estate wines and other cold climate wines that are produced at Sovereign Estate. Guests are welcomed on a first come first served basis, and have the opportunity to ask our knowledgeable staff questions about the wines characteristics and pairing suggestions. Food is not permitted at the tasting bar.

The Tasting Room Signature Wine Tasting – $10
First come, first serve when space is available.
Hosted by one of our experienced wine staff and served while standing at the Tasting Bar, you may select five wines from our current available wines. Each taste is a one-ounce pour.
During peak times,  When the winery is busy, additional tasting bars will be open on the patio and the veranda. We ask that guests make room at the bar so that everyone can get served.

The Open Tasting – $10
Select five wines from our list of current available wines. Five – one ounce pours served at any bar. You may come and go for each taste at any open bar until your tasting is completed.

On the south side of the winery
Wine Tasting Station at the Veranda Bar
On the east side of the winery
Wine Tasting Station at the Patio Bar