wine tasting

Wine Tasting at Sovereign Estate

Tasting Options at the Wine Bar
Enjoy a guided tasting with one of our experienced staff.
Fist come, first served as space permits at the bar.

Signature Wine Tasting $10 - select 5 wines from our Signature wine list
Royal Wine Tasting $12 – select any 5 wines from our Reserve wine list & Signature wine list

Reserve Wine Tasting $15 – select any 5 wines from ALL wines listed

Open Tasting Format 
(may be required on busy times or for smaller groups without a reservation)
Choose either wine tasting and get your 5 tastes at any open bar.
Allows guests to come and go for their tasting experience.

Group Wine Tasting (for groups of 8 or more)
Groups can make advanced reservations for private guided tastings or join in one of our Group Tasting times slots.
Check with a wine associate for times available if you do not have a reservation.
Large groups without a reservation may not be able to be accommodated for a wine tasting experience depending on the day.
In some cases we may recommend several wines by the bottle as an alternative to wine tasting.

Wine Service 

Wine by the Glass
6 oz. pour available at all bars at current prices

WIne Flights
Five 3 oz. pours served on a small paddle

Wine by the Bottle
Available for off-sale purchase or on-sale consumption.
Make your selection and take it to a bar for purchase.
Let your server know how many glasses you need.
Chilled wines are available.

Wine Club Members
Enjoy free tastings and discounts on all bottle purchases,
as well as discounts on signature items and apparel.
Ask your server for details.

On the south side of the winery
Wine Tasting Station at the Veranda Bar
On the east side of the winery
Wine Tasting Station at the Patio Bar