Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reserve 2018

Intense barrel aged red wine, this traditional styled Cabernet Sauvignon is produced in very limited quantities. Each bottle signed by the winemaker.

Silver – 2020 San Francisco Chronicle
 / 750 ml

Ignatius Fortified

 / 500 ml

Merlot Reserve 2019

Produced in our winery with hand harvested fruit. This Merlot is intense with rich notes of black currant, strawberry, cedar and coffee. Aged in Hungarian and American oak barrels. This wine is dry, rich, full bodied and suitable for aging.

 / 750 ml

Patina Gris 2018

This rich and sweet rosé, made from Minnesota Frontenac Gris grapes, is perfect with fruits, soft cheeses, and other flavorful foods. Similar in style to Moscato.

 / 750 ml

Syrah Reserve 2017

Full bodied, complex, parching, and dry, this Syrah Reserve is a wine worthy of aging.

 / 750 ml

Talon Crest 2019

Our most popular white wine, semi-sweet and fruity, Talon Crest is perfect with poultry, cream sauces, and spicy Asian cuisine.

 / 750 ml
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